Transcription is one among the major translation services that we provide to our esteemed customers at Traducson. Our transcribers are not only expert writers with vast years of experience, but they are also highly competent to transcribe your recording precisely. While working on your business transcription or medical transcription, our qualified transcribers also take care that they attribute the sentences to the exact individual within the recording.

In addition to offering general transcription services to our customers from our office in our home locality, we are also capable of offering business transcription and medical transcription services to the businesses that are situated in diverse parts of the world. In a nutshell, we are capable of meeting your transcriptions demand, wherever in the world you are.

Although the general time for transcribing a text depends upon the length of the document, we will take all possible efforts to complete the work within the earliest possible time. Usually, if an hour of audio takes around 5 to 6 hours on an average, to make sure that the content is totally correct and accurate, but our transcribers are capable of completing the work in less than 5 hours by applying their knowledge and experience.

The text will be delivered in a publication prepared format and can be exercised to publish for internal customers through a hard copy or through online. Several of our customers are greatly satisfied with our wide-ranging transcription services due to the quality we offer. It makes our services noticeable from the less expensive alternatives that you may be delivered by other transcription businesses in the country.

To keep up the quality in our work, we get our work done only by professional transcribers and not acoustic typists. In addition, with the intention of making sure that the transcription is fluent and precise, we have a separate team of editors at Traducson who will systematically verify the transcripts. From us, you will acquire right spellings, abbreviations, terminology and acronyms at all times.