Traducson also capably offers subtitling services to individuals and companies; we have worked with leading players of corporate while offering a variety of language services in India and abroad. Our business is heaving with specialists who are well proficient in offering high-quality subtitles for films, documentaries and promotional material. We hire only experienced professionals who have pertinent experience in the subject field, according to the needs of our customers. All members in our subtitling team are indigenous speakers of the language they offer their subtitle work.

At Traducson, we offer two major types of dubbing and subtitling services that include:

Live subtitling: This type of service is also referred to as real time or online captioning. It is mostly used for talk shows, news events, or sports programs. Some of our customers also ask for subtitling specialists who can also perform actions through face and hands for deaf and hard of heeding individuals.

Pre-recorded subtitling: This consists of translated subtitles, which are derived from the translation of the conversations. In accordance with the context, at times, the translated subtitles are abridged to convey the spirit of the dialogue.

At Traducson, we also provide customers video editing services, language-subtitling services, video subtitling, and dubbing services in India and abroad. The subtitling can be carried out in all major languages, plus the regional dialects consistent with the needs of our Indian and overseas customers.

We also care for the quality by getting our work proof-read by a dedicated team of well-qualified proof-readers or at times, by a third party linguist to make sure the accurateness of the final product. With more than hundreds of spectators who do not know anything apart from their native tongue, our dedicated and professional subtitling services are one among the ideal ways to educate them regarding your merchandise and services.