At Traducson, we have no inclinations towards a precise terminology. There might be a fondness in dialect and the content is translated according to the market you would like to sell your products. This is referred to as localization and it is a facility that exceeds mere translation. This makes us truly understand your needs through localization.

Our localization services are mostly used in specific tasks, such as language websites that cater to a definite state, area or place, product catalogs that are besieged within an isolated or a closed user group or literary material planned to be used among speakers of a precise dialect of a language, etc. This is a exceptional service that needs the translator to comprehend the source of the content and to whom it is planned to be addressed.

Due to increasing demand from our worldwide customers, Traducson now offers a variety of localization services for software companies and website owners. Our specialized localization services allow you to manage the re-engineering of gaming products, software products, multimedia products, courseware, websites, audio content and web hosted e-learning content easily. Additionally, we also provide scalable solutions to assist you leverage our familiarity and carry out web application and software testing using current test tools that assist you fast multilingual product releases.

The benefits of our localization services include:

  1. Intensify your global market share.
  2. Expand your business into international markets.
  3. Improve the customer and user experience.
  4. Improve the quality of your service, at the same time as reducing support expenses.
  5. Obey all regulatory legislations at a worldwide level.

We ensure that your localization projects are handled by knowledgeable people and select only the finest for your account. Our project executives come from software environments that have already attained the skills to hold senior management in the software improvement decisions. Their value-added proposal is centered on the globalization of business efforts that are vital to the launch of fresher products in the market. With set prices and date for deliverance, they always make it probable to launch your products in time.