Legalities and any sort of legal problems have all the time go together with panic, fear, and confusion as it tangles a lot formal diction and includes potentially explosive situations where even a single blunder may result in a lawsuit to crumble or even another new lawsuit. The translation has to be precise on several planes and fields. The primarily is where it has to be strictly in the law field as prescribed.

Traducson is a leading supplier of legal translation services to the Fortune 500 and legal firms around the world. We offer document translation and lawsuit support for lots of complex legal matters and manage major, multilingual cases concerning with thousands of overseas-language documents. Our 24 x 7 support, legal knowledge, and in-country appraisal have assisted establish us as an industry innovator.

Traducson offers legal translation services for agreements, contracts, compliance documentation, and discovery documents, as well as automated translation solutions for high-capacity projects. For lawsuit and other matters, we translate overseas-language documents acknowledged during discovery, as well as technical documents, business correspondence and electronically stored information. Whether you want to translate a multi-page legal document today or need a scalable legal solution for translating thousands of overseas-language documents, the dedicated project managers and skilled translators of Traducson will deliver the experience and resources to get the work done punctually within your budget

With the assistance of legal translators, we are capable of offering mistake free translations for all types of legal documents. We know the entire problematic feature in legal translation and thus, use only competent people in our team who have the required credentials to be capable of performing correct legal translation services.
At Traducson, we translate legal documents, such as:

  1. Certificates of business incorporation, patents, etc.
  2. Witness statement depositions.
  3. Evidentiary documents.
  4. Incorporation documents.
  5. Trusts, wills, testimonies, etc.
  6. Contracts and agreements.
  7. Immigration/emigration documents.
  8. Litigation documents.
  9. Property/exhibit labels.
  10. Legal tapes.
  11. Summons.
  12. Documents concerning with family matters, personal wound, civil law, common law, employment law, etc.

Our legal translation range is enormous, and in each service, we are the top in our fields.