Traducson, the Indian-based ISO 9001:2008 certified business, offers businesses in India and abroad an effective solution to train their resources correctly using high quality e-learning and mobile app materials and modules that are translated into regional languages, so that everybody is trained well. At our business, we have technical knowledge and proficient mechanism to translate difficult technical training manuscripts and learning modules correctly so that businesses can achieve the true values of their investment.
Traducson is an excellent translation solutions business with customized solutions for businesses in India and abroad. We offer a variety of e-learning and mobile app translation services that include:

  1. E-learning Translation.
  2. E-learning Modules Translation.
  3. Training Instructional and Support Materials translations.
  4. Multilingual Websites.
  5. Multimedia and PowerPoint Presentations.
  6. Audio Scripts and Voiceovers.

Training online by making use of e-learning and mobile app techniques is complex because it involves a variety of vital considerations. Translating e learning and mobile app materials locally needs expert execution of feasible ideas. It needs ideal resources to know the technical irritations. The industry of e learning and mobile app is changing and thus, the technologies that shorten its work ethnicity change, as well.

At Traducson, we have assisted brands surpass in e-learning and mobile app domains. We provide work for only skilled resources who are expert at translating technical and non-technical e learning and mobile app materials into comprehensible languages. Whatever you educate, however you educate, we will make your message simpler so that you can communicate your thoughts to your aimed audience correctly, devoid of having to bow down by linguistic and cultural challenges.

Nowadays, there has been a rush in the enrollment of e learning and distant learning courses. Cost-effectiveness, convenience and accessibility have made the industry simpler and surged the demand. To assist businesses pitch the correct message and continue being benefitted through e learning, Traducson offers winning variety of separate solutions, the practical e learning and mobile app translation solutions.