Traducson has the status of being one among the best typesetting businesses in India. We offer Desktop Publishing Services, shortly referred to as DTP, in all Indian and foreign languages. Our team of capable DTP operators has the entire resource to carry out these services in right-to-left languages and vice-versa. Our committed team of skilled layout artists is familiar with design and redesign of books, brochures, newsletters, charts and translated materials.

At Traducson, we provide high quality and consistent open source desktop publishing services in global standards. We make sure that the our DTP services are faultless and that they will meet the expectations of our customers in a timely fashion. All types of our DTP services will go through strict quality checks for excellence and well-timed delivery. We also guarantee that the DTP services that we deliver will be of 99.99% accuracy.

The DTP services of Traducson are offered in approximately all languages of the world, as well as in Asian, Middle Eastern, European, and American. We make sure that all the essential regulations for all languages are applied, in addition to hyphenation and line breaks.

At Traducson, we use the most modern tools in our Desktop Publishing and typesetting services. The use of up to date tools allows us to deliver with stern deadlines. Our DTP work process includes:

  1. Using the file formats consistent with the specifications of the client, meaning all the files are translated into the chosen format of the customer.
  2. We typeset the files in various formats, such as Corel Draw, Adobe Indesign, Frame Maker, Acrobat, PageMaker, FrontPage, Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Office Suite, Publisher, Quark Express etc., as per the demand of the customer.
  3. All contents will go through systematic checking.
  4. The design and layout are checked for consistency and quality consistent with the provided source.
  5. Compatibility tests will be done with different operating systems, browsers and software packages.

Other associated services, such as design of logos are assumed by our professional creative design team. We create brochures, profiles and presentations according to the corporate image of customers for all their marketing campaigns.